IDEEAS Lab Improving Decisions in Engineering Education Agents and Systems

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The Improving Decisions in Engineering Education Agents and Systems (IDEEAS) Lab is a research lab run by Dr. Andrew Katz in the Department of Engineering Education at Virginia Tech. We use multi-modal data from inside and outside of the classroom to understand and improve decisions made throughout engineering education systems. Our work is driven by one overarching question: How can we use existing and novel data to support decisions from the individual level up through the organizational level in order to achieve better societal outcomes through engineering education?

Selected Projects

Information, Communication, and Language in Engineering

NLP in engineering education teaching and research applications

Motivating Question: How can researchers apply developments from the past decade for understanding student learning, faculty decision-making, and system-wide adaptations over time?

More details about this and related projects can be found here:

Instructors’ Use of Metaphors and Analogies

Motivating Question: How instructors in STEM classrooms use figurative language to introduce and discuss concrete and abstracts concepts?

Ethical Decision Making

Mapping the landscape of engineering ethics education

Motivating Question: What does the landscape of engineering ethics education in US undergraduate engineering programs look like?

Engineering, Decision, and Climate Change

Reasoning and Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Motivating Question: How do engineers and engineering students account for non-deterministic mechanisms and incorporate incomplete information into their design decisions?

Engineering and Education Systems

Systems thinking in engineering students

Motivating Question: How can we promote more holistic systems thinking in engineering students?

Political Economy of Engineering Education

Motivating Question: How do political and economic factors shape decisions around resource allocation (e.g., space, time, money, energy) within engineering institutions and organizations?